On Mondays, we would gather in the auditorium and prepare for the trip. During these days, we would learn some Indonesian phrases and do some activities. About a week or two before the trip, we had to pack our bags. We made sure that we packed light clothing because the climate there is very hot. We also had to pack long-sleeved shirts and pants because of modesty.

Lost Luggage

On the Friday we were supposed to leave, everyone one had to bring their luggage to school and leave it in the MPR2. I almost couldn't go because I forgot my suitcase in the taxi on my way to school. It was quite a process to get it back and I learned a very important lesson.

The First Flight

Later that afternoon, we had a pizza party before leaving for the airport. During the flight, we were encouraged to get some sleep but many of us could not. It was not a direct flight so we had to stop in Singapore before taking the ferry to Indonesia. Since the resort was located on a remote island, we had to ride in the speed boat for a couple hours. When we arrived, everyone was tired and hot. We soon got used to this and no one complained.


Once we arrived on the resort, we were challenged with a ropes course and activities. Many of us were still tired, hot, and there were now mosquitoes. Despite these challenges, we still had fun and we got better at not complaining.

The Villages

During our trip, we visited two villages. In both, we helped the communities by building roads. Again, the biggest challenge was the heat because we were out in the sun all day long. This was especially hard for me because the only long sleeve shirts I had were for winter. Regardless, I had fun because I got to interact with the children.


Despite the many challenges, I had fun and I will go again next year. I didn't care that I didn't have my phone, family, or the cool weather with me. All that mattered was the fact that I helped people, had fun doing it, and grew as a person.